I've had a membership to the Dallas Museum of Art for several years now. It's my yearly anniversary present from my husband. Today was a member preview day of the Cindy Sherman exhibit that officially opens tomorrow, so I grabbed my son and went to see it. I'm not super familiar with her work, but I've read a couple of articles and wanted to make sure I saw the show.

When I picked up our ticket from the front desk, the woman told me there were some topless pieces and one that was censored. And she said, "It is VUL-gar." But also told me they had a book with it uncensored if I wished to view it.

We walked to the area where the exhibit is. It is a very large exhibit spread out amongst 5 gallery rooms. After we had walked in, the woman at the door called us back over to warn me which room the more graphic pictures were in, and again used the "vulgar" word. I'm sure I was doubly warned because I was with my 13 year old son. I probably post more stuff where I mention his autism than anything else. He tolerates our trips to the museum and mostly uses that time to try to get me to stop and look at things so he can sit down and play with my phone.

After looking at the rest of the exhibit, I came home and tried to look up what in the world could be so vulgar that I should be warned twice. The worst I saw was posed mannequins and this one at the link that has a labia. I'm really suspecting this piece because it is the MoMA's retrospective that is touring.

I talked to my daughter, also 13 but neurologically normal, and I think we are going to go to the museum together and visit all the male nudes before going to the Cindy Sherman exhibition, just to see the difference in attitude. No one is there to protect you from the 3 foot long penis on the South American virility statues, no one is there to warn you about the Greek statues, but we'll see how many people warn us about the graphic labia.

I'm so irritated that the art museum is censoring it. There is a reason why the "vulgarity" is being used. There is purpose behind it as a visual statement and censoring her bold statement about censorship... what the hell?