Today at school my son tried to bite someone. He is 13, autistic and in a life skills class. His class goes to extra-curricular classes with regular classes. First the nurse called me, I missed the call, but listened to the message. She explained that He tried to bite another child, and when the aide tried to intervene, he pulled away and hit his head on the bleachers. As soon as I finished listening, his teacher called. I talked to her and got a little more detail. He was on a "tablet" and tried to get on a website that he wasn't supposed to be on. I guessed youtube, because that's what he does. The aide tried to intervene, he went to bite the other kid, she tried to intervene with that, he pulled away and hit his head on the bleachers. He was taken to the nurse, got an ice pack and a time out.

I was fine with all of that. When he got home, he had a copy of the student accident report and a report of CPI hold in his backpack. I'm fine with the CPI hold and seclusion from other kids while he was freaking out. I work in a behavioral health hospital and am familiar with the practice. ( and am actually really glad to see a report).

What I am not okay with is the details in the explanation. "Kenny was playing games on my phone like he always do..." Besides the bad grammar, why the hell is he playing on someone's personal cell phone. I know he's really cute and very, very persistent, but that is so inappropriate. And that they don't see how it affects his behavior? It makes it more easy for him to fall into a obsessive cycle and harder to get him to move onto something else. It leads directly to him lashing out like he did today.


So tomorrow, I get to go re-educate his teachers on why electronics are bad for his brain. I am so freaking frustrated with the staff this year. We have a mass of brand new teachers and aides. I've already emailed his teacher and the principal and the kiddo's chiropractic neurologist for back up.